The Directors of PT Pelita Samudera Shipping Tbk (“the Company”) hereby invites the Company’s Shareholders to attend the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“Annual Meeting”) and the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (“Extraordinary Meeting”), (collectively called a “Meeting”) which will be held on:

Day/Date : Wednesday, June 3, 2020
Time : 10.00 am – finish
Venue : IMC Logistic Centre
Astra Tower 23rd floor
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 5-6
Jakarta Pusat 10220

Annual Meeting Agenda:

  1. Approval of the Annual Report and Ratification of the Financial Statements of the Company for the Financial Year 2019.
  2. Determination of the Utilization of the Company’s Net Profit for Financial Year 2019.
  3. Appointment of a Public Accountant to Audit the Financial Statement for Financial Year 2020.
  4. Determination of Salary and Allowances for Member of The Directors and Board of Commissioners of the Company.
  5. Change of Composition of The Directors.


Extraordinary Meeting Agenda:

  1. Approval of Term Loans from Citibank Indonesia in the amount of USD 20 million.
  2. Approval for the Establishment of a Subsidiary in Singapore.
  3. Amendment to the Articles of Association to Conform to Financial Services Authority (OJK) Rules No.15/POJK.04/2020 dan No.16/POJK.04/2020.

As preventive measures against the spread of COVID-19 virus, the Company urges Shareholders to follow the directions of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia by conducting Social Distancing during the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB), the Company facilitates the Meeting as follows:

  1. The Shareholders who have the right to attend the Meeting are the Shareholders whose names are duly registered within the Company’s Share Registry and/or Shareholders of the Company whose sub-accounts at PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (“KSEI”) by the close of trade at the Indonesia Stock Exchange on May 11,
  2. The Company urges Shareholders who are entitled to attend the Meeting whose shares are included in KSEI’s collective custody, to authorize the Company’s Securities Administration Bureau/Shares Registrar, PT Datindo Entrycom through the KSEI’s Electronic General Meeting System (eASY.KSEI) facility in https://akses.ksei.co.id which is provided by KSEI as an electronic proxy /power attorney mechanism in relation to the Meeting

In the event that Shareholders will attend the Meeting outside the eASY.KSEI mechanism, the Shareholders can download the power of attorney form from the Company’s website www.ptpss.co.id. The Shareholders or their Proxies who will attend the Meeting shall submit the photocopies of their National Identity Card (Kartu Tanda Penduduk or KTP) or other proof of identity to the registration officer prior to entering the Meeting room. For Shareholders that are in the form of Legal Entities are required to bring a photocopy of their Articles of Association and the amendments including the latest Board structure.

  1. The Company will provide the material for each Meeting Agenda through the Company’s website ptpss.co.id. Shareholders who are entitled to attend have the right to submit questions regarding the agenda of the Meeting via corporate email corsec@ptpss.co.id and the question will be submitted at the Meeting by the Power of Attorney and recorded in the Minutes of the Meeting compiled by the Notary, and answers to those questions will be delivered to Shareholders’ email no later than 3 working days after the Meeting.
  2. Notaries, assisted by the Company’s Securities Administration Bureau / Shares Registrar, will check and count votes for each agenda item in each meeting decision-making, including those votes submitted by the Shareholders through eASY.KSEI as referred to in item above, as well as those presented at the
  3. The Company does not send a separate invitation letter to Shareholders. According to the Company’s Articles of Association, this invitation serves as the official invitation to the
  4. For health reasons, the Company does not provide food and drinks, electronic/printed Annual Report or any souvenirs to Shareholders who attend the Meeting, and Shareholders are required to fulfill the health procedures in accordance with the Government Protocol implemented by the building management where the Meeting was
  5. To facilitate the orderliness and conduct of the Meeting, the shareholders or their duly authorized representatives are requested to be at the venue no later than 30 (thirty) minutes prior to the

Jakarta, May 12, 2020

The Directors