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Blood Donation Day for PSS and group companies’ employees

In Celebrating Indonesia’s Red Cross (PMI) Day, September 17, PSS together with the group of companies, MSI, IMC Plantation, PBS, and PSS Logistics use the momentum to conduct Blood Donation activities. This year’s theme is “Bergerak bersama untuk Seksama (Moving Together for Others).

The restrictions on mobility and community activities have had an impact on the low number of blood donors during the Covid-19 pandemic. PMI data said that from the beginning of January – September 2021 there was a decrease of 20 – 30 percent for blood donors at the national level, while demand remained high.

This activity is part of one of the pillars of CSR PSS, namely “Indonesia Lebih Sehat (Healthier Indonesia).”

From this blood donation activity, 29 bags of blood were successfully collected

Thank you, colleagues, for donating your blood. Hopefully, 29 bags of blood collected can be useful for those in need while adding bloodstock to PMI

Let’s donate our blood to help save the lives of our brothers and sisters in need. Thank you for your participation.


Contributor: Corporate Communication

PSS Director Awarded Samarinda’s Port Health Office Certificate of Appreciation


Director of PT Pelita Samudra Shipping Tbk (PSS) Harry Chan handed the certificate of appreciation to the Port Health Office (KKP) Class IIA Samarinda, received by the Head of the Port Health Office Class IIA Samarinda, Solihin.

The awarding of the KKP Class II A Samarinda is a form of gratitude. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, that is very important to prevent its spread on board. KKP has done a lot of assistance, both for employees and ships at PT PSS Tbk, in this case for Antigen tests, PCR, and also vaccinations. “We thank KPP Class IIA Samarinda. Because of them, employees and crew of PT PSS ships in Samarinda and in Jakarta one hundred percent have been vaccinated COVID-19. I hope this cooperation can be continued and improved in the future. So that later it can create a good synergy between the government and the private sector,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head of KKP Class IIA Samarinda, Solihin expressed his gratitude for the award from PT PSS Tbk. This appreciation certainly adds to the spirit to work better. “In this momentum, of course, we must take care of each other and strengthen each other in efforts to prevent Covid-19, because they do not know when it will end. There needs to be education and information in order for work, especially in the transportation and shipping industry,” he said.

He hopes, between KKP and PT PSS Tbk support each other and strengthen the relationship. As a regulator, he emphasized that he will continue to monitor and provide up-to-date information about COVID-19 to colleagues in the field. “And I emphasize for the employees and crew on board to continue to implement the COVID-19 health protocol in work,” he concluded