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Blood Donation Day for PSS and group companies’ employees

In Celebrating Indonesia’s Red Cross (PMI) Day, September 17, PSS together with the group of companies, MSI, IMC Plantation, PBS, and PSS Logistics use the momentum to conduct Blood Donation activities. This year’s theme is “Bergerak bersama untuk Seksama (Moving Together for Others).

The restrictions on mobility and community activities have had an impact on the low number of blood donors during the Covid-19 pandemic. PMI data said that from the beginning of January – September 2021 there was a decrease of 20 – 30 percent for blood donors at the national level, while demand remained high.

This activity is part of one of the pillars of CSR PSS, namely “Indonesia Lebih Sehat (Healthier Indonesia).”

From this blood donation activity, 29 bags of blood were successfully collected

Thank you, colleagues, for donating your blood. Hopefully, 29 bags of blood collected can be useful for those in need while adding bloodstock to PMI

Let’s donate our blood to help save the lives of our brothers and sisters in need. Thank you for your participation.


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