The Company has a Board of Commissioners who is responsible for overseeing the management of the Company ran by Directors according to the Company’s best interests.

Board Charter of Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners has a Board Charter or Board Manual as a reference to carry out its duties to be in line with GCG practices.

Duties, Responsibilities, and Authorities of the Board of Commissioners:

  1. The Board of Commissioners is assigned to and responsible for overseeing and advising the Directors.
  2. In certain condition, the Board of Commissioners shall hold Annual GMS and other GMS in accordance with the laws and regulations, and Articles of Association.
  3. Members of the Board of Commissioners shall implement duties with good faith, full responsibility, and prudent.
  4. To support the effectiveness of the implementation of duties and responsibilities, the Board of Commissioners shall establish Audit Committee and may establish other committee if deemed necessary according to the need and shall evaluate the performance of committee which assist the implementation of the duties and responsibilities.
  5. Every member of the Board of Commissioners is jointly responsible for loss, except:
  • Loss that was not caused by his/her error and negligence;
  • Has good faith, responsible, and prudence in management;
  • Does not have conflict of interest (directly/indirectly) for management that cause loss;
  • Has taken action to prevent of the loss or the continuity of the loss.
  1. The Board of Commissioners is authorized to temporary dismiss Directors by mentioning the reason.
  2. The Board of Commissioners may carry out the management duty of the Company in certain condition for certain period pursuant to Articles of Association or GMS resolutions.