Whistleblowing and Gratifications System

The Company has a violation reporting system or commonly known as Whistleblowing and gratification System.

The Whistleblowing System is managed by the Ethic Committee. The socialization of the whistleblowing system is one of the Company’s efforts in implementing business and work ethics in the Company.


The whistle blowing policy and system was established to encourage employees and other stakeholders to bring ethical and legal violations they are aware of to an internal authority either directly or indirectly via an appointed independent third party so that action can be taken immediately to resolve the problem.


The whistle blowing policy applies to all and any of the employee of PSS including Commissioners and Directors.


Report Submission


The Company establishes a complaint email that can be used to receive internal complaints. Employees who have any grievance may submit a complaint and report a violation to the following channels

  1. Send the email to ethics@ptpss.co.id.
  2. Send sms to number 0811-9215005 or directly to the Ethic Committee in accordance with the Ethic Committee appointment policy.
  3. Fill the electronic form in the Company’s website ptpss.co.id/ethics/

Any disclosure may be reported with or without a name (anonymous), so the complainant is free from threats of intimidation.